I don’t live in the street,
I live in my house.

I don’t live in the street,
I live in my house.


“The Department (of Housing) offered me a brand new place in a street even worse than the street I was leaving and I said no to that, then they offered me the place that I’m in now, and that was 18 years ago. And I wasn’t happy, but I knew that I would have to wait much longer because then I’d be put on the bottom of the list.”

“It’s hard for people in public or community housing at times to get work. Sometimes they don’t have a car, transport’s not available. If I didn’t have a car I’d find it quite difficult to do what I’m doing. Public transport in this area is shocking.”

“I do volunteer with the Wentworth Tenancy Advocacy Group and I also volunteer for the Women’s Cottage which is the Hawkesbury Women’s and Kids Services and have done so for the past 25 years and they usually get me to do some sewing voluntarily because I’ve been a sewer since I was 12 years old, I taught myself.”

“For people who live in community and public housing, a bit like me, you are always walking around with a bit of a stigma.”

Quotes taken from Mary’s stories



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