“I’m a carer & foster parent.
Thankfully I have access
to social housing.”

“I’m a carer & foster parent.
Thankfully I have access
to social housing.”


“I grew up around North St Marys, it was housing commission and life itself was a lot different back then. You could leave your door open, no one would really hassle you.”

“Around 2006 I became a foster carer. For 10 years I was looking after kids, usually related to me or extended family. I helped raise around 22 kids”

“Being an Aboriginal fella myself one of the issues that we always have to deal with is the element of security. This is where we’re from, our land, but all of a sudden we feel we’re in competition with outsiders who move here.”

“A lot of people in real estate when they know you’re Aboriginal there’s this assumption we’re going to smash the place up or not look after the property so they can literally just turn you down and not give you an explanation. It’s just not a good feeling.”

“There’s a lot of negativity particularly in the media against that small minority that do not look after their housing, but they don’t focus on the 90% of people who actually look after their homes.”

“We need housing, if we can’t look after our Elders and our children, then what is there?”

Quotes taken from Steve’s stories



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