“Our homes grow in value
from our care.”

“Our homes grow in value
from our care.”


“My name is Sue, I’m now a community Elder.”

“I resigned from nursing and started working in community, first of all being on the Aboriginal Advisory Committee with Council and then became part of the Justice Health team and now I go and listen to the Koori boys at the Detention Centres and getting them into their culture.”

“I decided to go into broadcasting and work with Koori Radio, letting people know in the country what is going on with Aboriginal people.”

“I was looking for somewhere to live and I was struggling with the rent and I got a lot of support from Tribal Council, Blue Mountains Council, so through letters and process I got a house.”

“I’m very thankful to be in social housing because it’s given me a sense of security, they basically saved my life and I’m so very grateful.”

Quotes taken from Sue’s stories

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